1. Detailed Description and Images:

- Provide a thorough description of the desired artwork.

- Include reference images or any specific details to ensure a clear understanding.

- Review examples on artbyjory.com of previous work and artistic style to ensure the style matches what is being requested.

2. Pricing and Payment Terms:

- The minimum price for commissioned art is $150.

- I require a $75 upfront payment before commencing work.

- After the sketch and low-resolution proofs are approved, the remaining payment is due before the final artwork is released.

- The artist may add to the price for excessive revisions.

- The price is for the artwork itself in PNG, SVG, PDF, and JPEG format. The price does not include any printed physical production.

3. Payment Methods:

- Payment options include a secure link (Stripe) on the ArtByJory.com website or cash in person.

4. Cancellation and Refund Policy:

- I reserve the right to decline or discontinue a commission if deemed in the artist's best interest.

- If a down payment has been made and I decide to stop working on the commission, a full refund will be issued. If the client cancels the job mid-design or makes unreasonable or excessive requests, the job may be canceled without a refund of the downpayment.

5. Ownership and Reproduction:

- Once the full purchase is made, the client owns the artwork.

- However, the client cannot claim they produced the piece. Jory Mertens of ArtByJory is the creator of the piece, regardless of ownership.

This process ensures transparency, protects the artist's interests, and provides clear guidelines for clients engaging in art commissions with ArtByJory.

Guidelines for Accepting Commission Work: How to Receive Completed Works